Georgian organizations in the Czech Republic and the beautiful city of Kutna Hora Print E-mail
The representatives of Georgian Civil Organizations had a training visit to the Czech Republic. The visit took place within the program of the East-West Management Institute “The Development of Public Policy, Advocacy and Civil Society in Georgia.” The host organization was “Open Society Fund Prague.” The head of the organization “Safe Space” Ana Gabriadze was there during the visit which lasted from the 2nd till the 8th of July and included the meetings with various civil organizations of the Czech Republic. The purpose of the visit was future cooperation between Georgia and Czech civil society organizations. On the third day of the visit the Georgian guests visited Kutna Hora. This small town of the Czech Republic is included in the world cultural heritage list of UNESCO.

The history of Kutna Hora started in the year of 1142 when 3 silver mines were discovered in the vicinity of the town. Because of the silver mines the town was built in this area and it was soon regarded among the richest towns of the Czech Republic. Nowadays Kutna Hora is considered to be one of the tourists attractions in the country. 



eorgian organizations visited St. Barbara’s Church. The host Alex Pospisil told them the history of the church building. As it turned out the constructing of the church began in the Middle Ages and completed only in the 20th century. The ancient bas-reliefs and stained glass painted in the 20th century are side by side in the church. Alex Pospisil showed the guests the map of the town which is placed directly on the pavement. He explained that at starting point houses were built around the mines chaotically. All this was reflected on the map and laid the foundation of the town in the end. Finally the Georgian guests saw the film in which the silver mining procedures are shown.

After St. Barbara’s Church the guests visited The Silver Museum. The hostess was the head of the civil organization “Silver Kutna Hora” Svetlana Hrabankova. Ana Gabriadze tells about this visit herself: “Ms. Svetlana met us very warmly in The Silver Museum. The table was laid specially for us. They treated us to delicious cakes. It was amazing in the museum. Everything had an ancient appearance and was made of wood. As a rule something new may be added for commercial purposes but not there - no commercial actions - the Czechs preserve this heritage just from cultural viewpoint. Ms. Svetlana told us that the ball is held there every summer. This ball has a long history. Its characters are the King, the Queen and the Court. The traditional „Knights tournaments” are also held. It turned out that Ms. Svetlana and her family are involved in organizing this ball. Her sister makes costumes for the ball and her daughter plays the role of the Queen. In the Silver Museum we saw the rooms where the Medieval life is described using the human-sized dolls. We also saw an ancient chest, samples of silver coins and a lot of interesting exhibits. Near St.Barbara’s Church we saw dwelling places of Jesuits, where nowadays there is a Modern Artists Gallery. Kutna Hora is a magic town where you realise that you find yourself in another world.”