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In order to monitor the Tbilisi Sea water Safe Space ordered to the G. Natadze Scientific-Research Institute of Sanitary Hygiene and Medical Ecology. There was taken three examples of exploratory water: two examples of Tbilisi Sea water – at the source of infra main channel irrigating system of upper Samgori and from the #1 pump station of the withdrawal of water. One example of Zhinvali channel sea – before flowing into Tbilisi Sea.

Taking outward examples and estimation of research results have been done according to the following normative documents:

  1. Sanitary rules san. r. 2.1.4. 005-04 “sanitary rules of taking water examples”.
  2. Sanitary rules and norms from san. r. 2.1.5. 001-01 “sanitary rules and norms of protection from outward water pollution.”

According to the research results, all the three examples are of the satisfactory mineralization (253,92 – 257,33 mg/l) of soft water (angularity 3,00 2,10 mg.ekv/l), which is basically conditioned by hydro-carbonates(152,50 mg/l) of calcium (40,08 mg/l) and magnesium (12,16 – 13,38), are characterized by comparatively low amount of chlorides and sulphates. Indexes of sanitary-chemical epidemic safety are within limits of hygienic norms. Contain of studied heavy metals is much lower than their possible limited concentration.

Chemical indexes of organic pollution: outward active substances, phenols and total oil products were not fixed. Microbiological indexes are within limits.

Thus, according to the pollution quality hygienic classification of Tbilisi sea objects is added to the water objects of “possible pollution”.


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